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Erika Rauscher

Erika Rauscher
Executive Director at THANC Foundation

Erika Rauscher has worked in the field of development primarily in higher education since 1988—with positions held at Union College, the University of Maryland, and the University of Hartford. She then made a career change to hospital administration and has worked in both mental health and otolaryngology. She has worked with THANC’s Medical Advisor, Mark Urken, MD since 1995 wearing many different hats—and has been Executive Director of THANC since 2007. Her vision for the foundation is to continue to expand upon THANC’s programmatic initiatives with advancements to the Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative and Head and Neck Cancer Guide which will help to fulfill all three aspects of the mission including research, education and patient support.

Director of Product Management & IT

Craig BickfordCraig Bickford

Outreach Coordinator

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Creative Director

Jesse FisherJesse Fisher

Associate Director of Development

Tara JablonskiTara Jablonski

Research Director, Thyroid Head and Neck Research Center

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Research Associate

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Research Associate

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Research Associate

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